Though legal, recreational marijuana still won't be on sale in Washington for a few months, the state has delivery services that will bring weed to your door. 

According to the Huffington Post, Seattle's Winterlife Coop Cannabis Delivery Service flashes its latest treats on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, even though the business operates outside of state and federal law because its unlicensed. 

Still, not even the threat of potential legal action could stop the business from adding its phone number to its website, or the owner from revealing his identity. In an interview with the Seattle Times, Evan Cox said he came forward because he doesn't think law enforcement will come after him. 

The Seattle Police Department told the Seattle Times that it probably wouldn't target Winterlife. "It undermines the spirit of the law. But like anything else, our department takes all the complaints and dedicates our resources in a way that makes sense and is going to be most impactful," Sgt. Sean Whitcomb explained.

Meanwhile, Club Raccoons utilizes couriers to deliver its orders. The business, which provides the city's Capitol HIll area with weed, shares its numbers on its Twitter page. An owner told the Huffington Post that while patients don't have to be medical marijuana customers to purchase weed, they do have to be over the age of 21.

All of this only helps build anticipation for recreational weed in Washington, which will launch this summer.

[via The Huffington Post and Seattle Times]

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