Wait a second, guys—did CNN just accidentally give away the winner of this year's Best Actor Academy Award? It certainly looks that way at first glance: During a story about the factory that makes the Oscars, RS Owens, the news network aired an image of someone holding a nameplate announcing none other than always-a-nominee-never-a-winner Leonardo DiCaprio, who this year is nominated for his role as Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street. Does this mean DiCaprio is the official winner?

Not exactly. First off, voting for the winners hasn't yet concluded—according to the official Oscars website, it won't end until Feb. 25, just a few days before the ceremony on March 8. Secondly, according to this post from The Guardian, RS Owens has been making winning nameplates for every nominee in advance since 2010, to shorten the waiting time between winners receiving their statue and winners receiving the actual nameplate for the statue that states their name, winning category, and project. In other words: Every single nominee has one of these made for them, in the event that they do win the award. Just because this nameplate exists, it doesn't mean that DiCaprio will take home the coveted award next month. 

Sorry, Leo.


[via SartoriallyInc/Twitter]