Belfort and Azoff are together again. Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are reportedly capitalizing on their bromance with a new film together, right on the heels of The Wolf of Wall Street's release. The duo will reunite to tell the story of 1996 Olympics security guard Richard Jewell, who spotted a suspicious backpack in Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park and ushered people away from it before it exploded, limiting the impact to just one fatality. However his hero status quickly soured when he became the top suspect in the case. He wasn't officially exonerated until 2007.

Jonah will play Jewell. Speaking to the Associated Press on the subject he said "I think it's such a heartbreaking story and such an interesting story about the 24-hour news cycle: a man becoming a hero and then the world's biggest villain within 24 hours of each other—and dying before he got to see his name cleared." Leo will likely portray Jewell's lawyer. As of now there's no director attached.

[via HuffPo]