Since it was announced over a year ago, Girls creator Lena Dunham's upcoming book of essays, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned, has been highly anticipated by bookworms and Williamsburg hipsters alike—so it's great news that progress is finally being made on the project. In a new Instagram post, Dunham revealed the cover for Not That Kind of Girl, along with the official release date: October 17, 2014. That's not too far! 

As previously reported, the book's said to be a collection of essays and illustrations offering advice to young women, because Dunham is only the voice of our generation...or a voice in a generation. Something like that. Publishers at Random House are reportedly confident that Dunham is a "influential creative voice for young women." 

Check out the cover for the book above. Does it remind anyone else of a cover for a self help book from the '70s?

[via lenadunham/Instagram]