Ken Kutaragi once had to convince Sony to invest in research for what was originally going to be a joint collaboration between the company and rival Nintendo. The Super Famicom CD was going to be a monster system, but things didn't work out between Sony and their would-be competition, which led to Kutaragi's push to get into the video game business with the original PlayStation. From there, the rest is history, as Kutaragi went on to lead development on both the PS2 and the PS3, as well as becoming the president of Sony Computer Entertainment.

Kutaragi's achievements, both in and outside of the PlayStation brand, will be honored this GDC, where he is set to receive a lifetime achievement award at the 14th annual Game Developers Choice Awards on March 19 in San Francisco. Kutaragi will receive the award from PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny, and the event will be hosted by Respawn's Abbie Heppe.

While Kutaragi did not hold the position of company president for long, his many innovations and successes leave a lasting legacy. He is currently the president and CEO of Cyber Ai Entertainment Inc., a networked entertainment company.

Complex salutes you, Kutaragi-san. Congratulations!

Via Joystiq