If money really does make the world go round, in 2014 the twentysomethings working at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are at the core of the planet.

But what are their lives really like? Is it more Boiler Room, or Wolf of Wall Street? What hours do they work? What food do they eat? Where do they party? And what kind of money do they actually make? 

Kevin Roose, the author of the newly-released Young Money: Inside The Hidden World of Wall Street's Post-Crash Recruits, might have an idea. He spent the last three years writing, reporting, and infiltrating the ranks of Wall Street's newly-minted Rich People: A bunch of twentysomethings who are in the engine room of financial giants, toiling away at spreadsheets to make these monoliths ungodly amounts of money. Roose's book, which has been the recipient of some pretty great reviews, goes deep into their lives to find out what their day-to-day is like. It's a book worth reading, but don't take our word for it. In an interview with Complex News (video above), Roose goes over the basics of just what it's like to be one of these people, and whether or not you'd ever want to be one.