One jewelery company seems to know their audience better than most, or, at least that's what they're banking on.

Perrywinkle's Jewelry is currently offering a free Xbox One with the purchase of a 3/4 carat diamond engagement ring through February 28. went on to report that this incentivization of a free video game console will most certainly be the final nudge all reticent grooms-to-be will need to finally pop the question. 

Because, "We all know men are obsessed with video games."

Are they? That seems to me (a man of thinking about marriage age) as the sort of  milquetoast generalization normally reserved for script writing sessions of The Big Bang theory. If anything is going to keep me from embarking on a lifetime of wedded bliss, it's the crushing ennui of seeing the same face day-in-day-out for 50 years.  

A fucking Xbox One isn't going to be the determining factor for shelling out $1,300 on an engagement ring.

Why not hand out free parking lot, over the jeans handjobs and corndogs while you're at it. Last time we checked guys liked those things too.

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