Jerry Seinfeld took to The Tonight Show stage last night to put us on blast for our addictive smartphone habits.

The Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee host talks about our love of smartphones and how anti-social we've become, and also pokes fun at the USPS for failing to get a grip on how to battle the rise of email (which evidently shouldn't be called "email"). 

"It's exciting to be out, it's always exciting to be out in the world, not home, just out there just floating around," he says. "But I know you got your phone. Everyone here has got their phones, there's not one person here who doesn't have it. You better have it. You gotta have it."

"There is no safety, there is no comfort, there is no security for you in this life anymore," Seinfeld says. "Unless when you're walking down the street you can feel a hard rectangle in your pants."

[via The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon]