Last year, Brandon Stanton, an amateur photographer with no experience documenting anything at all, became one of New York City's biggest success stories. His claim to fame: Humans of New York, a hugely popular website that collects candid shots of every-day citizens around town.

The photos are published on Facebook with captions that are often presented in dialog. These captions cover everything from the existential and the mundane. They are always simple, and in general they encourage thought around what it means to be alive. In truth, Humans of New York is designed to make you feel good about yourself and the things you believe in.

For example, here is a recent caption"Adults always say ‘you’re too young to understand.’ Well, if they don’t tell us, how do they know we don’t understand?"

Awwwww. That's so true, cute, interracial youths!

Enter College Humor. This clever post reminds us that, while the No Haters mantra is taking over the Internet, there still remains a sizable swath of the population that continues to live in despair. That's what makes Assholes of New York quite entertaining. The hate is real.

[via College Humor]