HandUp is a startup from San Francisco with a social mission to directly help homeless people by using texting and the Internet. The service is essentially a Kickstarter for people in need. But instead of the person or company receiving direct cash, HandUp members will receive their funds in the form of basic necessities such as food, clothing and medical care.

Co-founders Rose Broome and Zac Witte made an easy way to donate in three steps.

First, find a member using the HandUp website. Each member has a profile with their picture, name, location and story.

Then click "Donate Now" to contribute an amount to their cause. Finally, see your donation at work. Once members receive the pledges, they'll update their profiles to let their donors know.

Prospective donors can sign up by calling the company to set up an appointment with Project Homeless Connect, HandUp's partner organization. For now, HandUp is only accepting members from the San Francisco area but they're looking to expand soon.

[via HandUp]