The tech industry is still bent on smartwatches and it looks like the next big one could come courtesy of Google and LG. The two giants are apparently gearing up to announce the collab next month, with the watch itself due to be unveiled at Google's annual I/O developer conference this June.

According to "a person familiar with [Google's] plans," Google will be proffering the operating system while its manufacturing partner handles the hardware aspect. The inaugural watch will be built by LG, following on the success of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 handsets.

The device will reportedly borrow elements from Google Glass and use Google Now, the firm's take on a voice-assisted assistant, as a primary component of the smartwatch's interface and functionality.

But while wearable tech is consistently touted as the next big thing in the industry, smartwatches have failed to take off in any major way. In order for Google's offering to make any waves, the company will have to figure out how to introduce a product that is as indispensable as the smartphone. Good luck.

[via CNET]