Perhaps you saw the goofy little video put out by developer Coffee Stain Studios last week of Goat Simulator? Well about two million other people did as well. But it was never meant to be taken as a serious game in development, just a test of a new game engine being worked on by the studio. “We're just playing around a bit with programming stuff, this is not our next big IP, calm yourselves journalists," reads the video description.

Well not anymore!

My how the tide of internet opinion can change real world plan! Swedish indie game developer is has decided to produce a full on game, that's already set to head to Steam.

The latest video carries the description: "OKAY INTERNET YOU WIN, IT LOOKS LIKE GOAT SIMULATOR IS OUR NEXT IP."

The game was built to resemble old-school skating games, but instead of “skate or dying” you're a goat. Instead of doing tricks you chase people, bounce off stuff, die and now use your tongue to chase people with more and different stuff.

Look out for a full version of Goat Simulator to drop this spring on Steam, and people the original viral video below.

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[Via Eurogamer]