As of now, in order to get added protection for your Google account, you have to opt for two-step verification, which sends a one-time code to your phone when you log-in on a different device. But what if you could receive added protection, without the extra fuss?

Google just purchased SlickLogin, a two-month-old small startup from Tel Aviv, to develop a system that will employ two-step authentication just by placing your phone next to your computer.

“The technology involves sending barely audible sounds through computer speakers and then having the users’ smartphones recognize the unique tones and respond in kind,” SlickLogin explains to AFP. “It also reportedly factors in the location of smartphones.”

The obvious advantage to using this program would be faster access to your account with the same added protection but a big problem may occur if users misplace their phones.

Lenovo owned Motorola is also working on creating easier ways for authentication. They’ve come up with a pill that you can swallow once a day and a digital tattoo

[via Time]