If it hasn't happened to you, it's going to when you least expect it. Maybe when you're walking to work in the early morning, and you mistime a step while you're coming off the curb, and your phone flies from your hand and lands on the hard asphalt. Or perhaps you're in the mall, liking the cute girl's photos on Instagram that you added the night before, and you bump into the other Joe who's texting his girlfriend—and both of your phones fall onto the dirty tiles on the ground. Our phones are expensive devices that we place in relative danger almost every single day. Well, unless we're spending some bucks on bulky protection that totally ruins the slim designs of the phones. 

Chances are, before you paid for those phone protectors, you probably dropped your phone a few times in order to convince yourself that it was time to buy it. When your phone is naked, though, it's a harrowing experience. Here are 10 Appropriate Reactions When You Drop Your Phone, (As Explained in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air GIFs).