DayZ, the massive online multiplayer zombie survival shooter, can be a lot of fun. But gamers are going to need a lot of luck and some serious repetition to get ahead in the world of zombies. The biggest obstacle? Other players.

Check out this surprisingly accurate flow chart (in the gallery above) that expresses how about 80-percent of DayZ is trying to scrape enough food and clothes together to survive long enough to get into a firefight, not with a zombie, but with another player and die; If you're lucky. If you happen to particularly unlucky you might just get held-up by roving player bandits who will put you in handcuffs, force-feed you and demand you to sing for your life. It's that clown themed 13-year old birthday party all over again.

DayZ is currently in an overwhelmingly popular Early Access on Steam but developer Bohemia Interactive says that a beta is a long way off much less a full release.

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[Via Kotaku, Steam User TK]