After a California Girl Scout sold over 100 boxes of cookies because she wisely set her operation up in front of a medical marijuana shop, the Girl Scouts of Colorado decided to issue a statement explaining that scouts in Colorado cannot follow suit, even though recreational marijuana is legal in the state. 

"Our position is really pretty simple," chief marketing officer for the Girl Scouts of Colorado Rachel Trujillo explained to the Huffington Post. "There's a place for everything, and just like a liquor store or a gun show, a marijuana dispensary isn't a place for young girls to be selling cookies."

The Huffington Post reports that reactions to the announcement were mixed, with one Colorado resident in particular calling it hypocritical on the GSCO Facebook page, noting that scouts are allowed to sell cookies outside of grocery stores which sell both cigarettes and beer. 

It's the state organization's decision, so arguing or complaining about it will do very little. Just give credit to Danielle Lei for picking the right spot to destroy her cookie quota in San Francisco.

[via The Huffington Post]

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