Dude it attracts: The Randy Retro Intellectual
Most clutch feature: Running with the bulls

The beard-stroking literati dude can max out on his uber-intellectual cred by mimicking the life of manly man hero, Ernest Hemingway. A journalist who always had the foxiest swingers swinging their pearls at him, Hemingway was really into doing dude things and one of his favorite’s was bull fighting a la The Sun Also Rises. 

Screw that weak Tough Mudder; there’s no place better to gather with your guy friends and try not to get mauled by a 460kg heaving beast than Pamplona for the Fiesta de San Fermin. Wander the cobbled streets where Hemingway wined, dined, and good time’d the Spanish ladies in his nine trips to the city. Stay at the Hotel Quintana, which was what the novel’s Hotel Montoya was based off of and grab a drink at the Cerveceria Tropicana, Bar Txoko, Café Iruna, or Bar Torino to reenact Hemingway’s most drunken moments.  

After clean off the red wine sweat and blood from your frenzied run in Mid-July down medieval roads, cool off at the beaches in San Sebastian and watch tantalizing tourists get topless next to sun-drenched azure waters while you eat cured Iberian ham. What’s more manly than pork before porking?