Dude it attracts: The Strip Club Sleaze
Most clutch feature: Cheap lapdances

Montreal is one of the sexiest cities in the world, based on geographical gorgeousness and hot French accents alone. The city is like a more liberated, laid-back Paris and the women are accordingly hot. But one of the best things to note for the single guy is that Montreal has some of the dopest strip clubs for dudes who are not just trying to get a lazy hard-on, but a full-blown grope on. Instead of taking your stag party to Vegas or New Orleans, where rules are rules even if people break them, take it to Montreal, where touching a titty or two is totally legal.   

In Montreal, there are two kinds of lap dances: full-contact and no-contact. The average price is $10 per song in a private booth, which is totally unheard of by American standards. That kind of action would run about $100. If you’re a younger single dude, you won’t be left out. Both the strip club age and the drinking age is only 18-years-old. That and Montreal has the most amazing drunk dude food ever: Poutine. It’s French fries with cheese curds and it’s amazing. Poutine and pooty tang. Who needs anything more?