Dude it attracts: The Dance Music Dude
Most clutch feature: Epic electronic night clubs

Euros are always way better at partying than Americans, and the kids in Ibiza do it right. The go-to hedonism destination for those into beaches full of babes and dance floors full of drunken hotties, Ibiza is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, about 49 miles off the coast of Valencia.

Some of the best electronic music dance clubs in the world are in Ibiza like Space Ibiza (which has been nominated—and won—Best Club In The World a number of times), house music club Pacha which was rated third best club by DJ Magazine in 2012, and Privilege, which is the world’s largest nightclub according to the Guinness Book of World Records and once hosted notables like Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones.

The party never stops, even if you aren’t at the club. Radio stations like Ibiza Global Radio ring through the cars of Ibiza tourists and trendy hotels like Ushuaia Beach Hotel have topless girls chilling by the pool at all hours.