Dude it attracts: The Egotistical Experimenter
Most clutch feature: The cheap prices

You’re not going to get expansive white beaches in Bangkok, but you will get cheap and perpetual drunken buzz from all the karaoke cafes, bars, and houses of ill repute that line the streets. Here’s the thing about Thailand: everything is illegal. But everything raunchy and hedonistic is also completely fair game in Bangkok as well.

The government turns a blind-eye to things like gambling and happy-ending massages. The prices are cheap, and men from around the world flock to Bangkok to get their taste of some lewd teenage wet dream stuff. Recent cultural reference point: The Hangover Part II. 

If you want to reenact that movie, you can stay in Lebua’s Hangover Suite which includes a fully-stocked bar and dude distractions such as Foosball and ping-pong. If you want to hit up some other places from the movie, there’s the White Lion Bar or the Cactus Bar.  

If you go to Bangkok, good luck explaining what you actually did there to your future ex-wife. Unless she’s cool with your sordid past and, in that case, she’s a keeper.