Curious as to how much money women earn in 500 major metropolitan areas, Forbes' NerdWallet identified the cities where women earn the most money. Anyone who lives there knows; anyone looking for a change of scenery and salary might want to consider relocating. San Jose, Calif. leads the pack:

1. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara: $56,000

2. Washington D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria: $55,000

3. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont: $54,600

4. Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk: $52,500

5. Trenton-Ewing, NJ: $50,400

6. Boston-Cambridge-Quincy: $50,100

7. Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford: $48,500

8. New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island: $47,600

9. Boulder, CO: $46,800

10. Baltimore-Towson, MD: $46,800

Conversely, women in Laredo, Texas had a median salary of just $24,760. NerdWallet also compared these figures to men's salaries as a percentage, learning that women still only make about three quarters (74 percent, to be exact) of what men earn. 

[via The Cut]