The Greek yogurt intended for athletes competing in the Winter Olympics was first denied by Russian customs, and apparently isn't much more popular at the New York food banks where it was donated. 

The New York Post reports that over 5,000 cups intended for Sochi were given to local food banks, but the city's homeless population has not taken a liking to it. "They look at it and go, 'Eww.' They never ate something like it before. [They] are used to the sweet yogurt," Food Bank of New York City employee Debbie Torres told the Post.

Others, like Mary Peoples, were more open minded. "I used to see it in the store but didn’t buy it because I didn’t know how it tasted. But then I tried it and found out it was really good," she said.

Though it's hard out here for Chobani considering the latest developments, they remain positive. They'll continue to deliver the yogurt in New York and New Jersey today, and founder Hamdi Ulukaya said the company is "happy" to provide it to those who need it.

[via New York Post]

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