Pay attention to your cat's behavior. Not just because you love the little furball, either—their little idiosyncracies could be clues about coming weather. 

According to Time, NPR found  H.H.C. Dunwoody's book, Weather Proverbs, where Dunwoody listed folklore about animals predicting the weather through their various doings. Cats in particular could be cuddly, occasionally anti-social prophets:

When cats sneeze it is a sign of rain.

The cardinal point to which a cat turns and washes her face after rain shows the directing from which the wind will blow.

When cats are snoring foul weather follows.

It is a sign of rain if the cat washes her head behind her ear.

When cats lie on their head with mouth turned up [on their back] expect a storm.

When a cat washes her face with her back to the fire expect a thaw in winter.

Perhaps a cat should predict how long winter will last as opposed to a groundhog that may or may not be fumbled by a very tall mayor of a very large city.

[via Time and NPR]