Understanding the power of popular culture, a Brooklyn restaurant has created an entire Valentine's Day menu around the goddess herself, Beyoncé.

Cobble Hill's Brucie is offering dishes like Jay-Ziti, Oysters Rocafella, Put a Ring On It (suggestive much?) and Reasonable Trout. As you probably anticipated, there is a meal titled Surf Board on the menu. Most people would probably be happy with a side on Yonce, which, unfortunately, is not on the menu. Some of the name's are a bit laughable, but whoever came up with the idea is either a fan or smart enough to know that plenty of other people are. 

During the meal, you and your date can pretend you're Jay-Z and Beyoncé, then obviously wake up in the kitchen the next morning wondering how the hell you got there. Make those reservations ASAP.

[via Time]