It's been close to a year since we first heard of Univision's plans for a Breaking Bad reboot en Español, titled Metástasis, and the series still has yet to premiere on its network, UniMás. No worries, though—the promotional material is more than enough to keep Breaking Bad fans, desperate for new material since the show officially ended late last year, sated until it does.

This past October, we got a short look at the series in a small preview (dubbed with English voiceovers), along with an official still of Walter White—renamed Walter Blanco for the Colombia-set series—in full, meth-cooking get-up. Which is, to say, his tighty-whities. Oh, Walt. 

Thirty seconds of a preview isn't nearly enough, though, so luckily Screencrush was able to discover this extended, six-minute look at the series, complete with English subtitles. Huzzah! A few things to note, per The New Republic's fascinating, in-depth look at the series: Walter White has been renamed Walter Blanco, Jesse Pinkman is José Miguel Rosas, Skyler White is Cielo Blanco, Hank Schrader is Henry Navarro, and Saul Goodman is Saúl Bueno. On that Saúl note—instead of having that hilarious and perfect commercial on late-night TV with the tagline "Better call Saul," Saúl will host a late-night television show, Cuéntele a Saúl, in which he gives out legal advice. Additionally, some cultural changes have been made: One, Walt is now a teacher at a private school, because public school teachers in Colombia aren't generally paid enough to support the middle-class lifestyle that Walt and the Blancos live, and two, the RV is no longer Walter's meth-cooking base—RVs aren't terribly common in Colombia, so the whole thing has been swapped out for an old school bus.

Other than that, the show looks exactly the same—right down to the appearance of the Blanco family's home. Check out the extended trailer above. Metástasis will premiere some time this year, though a specific date has not yet been determined.