A meat-loving start up claims it intends to use DNA from the tissue samples of celebrities to produce meat that people will devour because the obsession with celebrities is apparently that deep in 2014.

According to Motherboard, BiteLabs, will "grow healthy, rich, meats in BiteLabs’ own bioreactors" to produce salami using DNA from the likes of Kanye West to James Franco and Jennifer Lawrence. If this sounds preposterous, know that it could be a rather clever joke about the typical start up, as well as celebrity obsession. 

When Motherboard sought addition details, someone who only identified themselves as "Kevin" offered an explanation that included a sentence that was impossible to ignore: "We are interested in the way celebrity culture is consumed." "Celebrity culture?" "Consumed?" Salami? It's the perfect joke; one that pokes fun at how far people will go to literally get a piece of fame.

Is the joke that people who will have a conniption over a celebrity retweet will literally salivate over celebrity-infused meat in the most extreme cases? Here's to hoping that people begin drawing hard lines in their fanaticism, salami or no salami.

[via Motherboard and ANIMAL]