Celebrities have become increasingly vocal about the invasiveness of paparazzi and when it involves children in particular. Some notable critics are Kanye West and Alec Baldwin, but their methods in fighting the issue have been a little, well...violent. Kristen Bell, also known as one of the best people in Hollywood, has taken a somewhat less aggressive stance: Bell and husband Dax Shepard are boycotting any publication that purchases photographs taken of children without the consent of their parents. As a result, Just Jared recently adopted a "No Kids" policy, and now Entertainment Tonight has joined forces with Bell to promote the cause as well. 

The show had this to say in a statement:

"By joining forces, ET and the couple hope that additional press outlets will follow their lead. ET's sister show, The Insider independently adapted the "no kids" policy after meeting with Bell." 

California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a bill that aims to prevent paparazzi from taking pictures of celebrities' children. The bill's penalties are a jail sentence of up to a year and a maximum fine of $10,000. 

Can we get a "go Kristen Bell!" about now?

[via Indiewire/ Variety]