Last week, the Washington drinking establishment Daiquiri Factory came under fire for offering a cocktail called Date Grape Kool-Aid, sparking outrage in the downtown Spokane community. Demonstrators gathered outside of the bar, which opened on February 1, and protested the flagrant insensitivity to rape. The bar's response? 

“The Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory would like everyone to know there is simply no reason to be outraged by the ingredients in our signature daiquiris, there is no reason for the national outcry, nor is there reason for the protest. We just think everyone simply needs a little daiquiri therapy," via an ad on a local radio station

And before the official Daiquiri Factory Facebook page was shut down, the bar posted this joke: “Knock Knock....Who's There....Date Grape... Date Grape Who??? Date Grape Gonna Be Sold By The Truck Load Tonight...”

Now local businesses including Findlay Hyundai-Mazda-Nissan, Buffalo Wild Wings, Smoov Cuts barber shop and Spokane Graphics and Glass have all cut ties with the bar and its owner, acknowledging that "daiquiri therapy" isn't an appropriate way to deal with one of the most ubiquitous crimes in America. A new Facebook page has emerged calling for local patrons to boycott the bar until an official apology is issued and the controversial cocktail removed from the menu.

[via Fox News]