Apple plans to take wearable technology to the next level by implementing a monitoring system in headphones, earbuds and headsets that will measure user activity and biometric data. Similar to most fitness trackers, Apple’s new system will work with your smartphone to track your heart rate, temperature, perspiration and more.

There are plenty of cool new features the company is planning for these smart earbuds, including the ability to control the device through head gestures. Can you imagine changing songs with a slight tilt of your head? Another includes motion sensors that recognize the direction of the user's gaze. The device will turn on if the user is looking in the direction of the device and turn off when the user is not, saving battery power. The device will also incorporate the user's gaze and direction to work with GPS so the user can get directions while doing physical activity, like running.

“The monitoring system can be attachable/detachable from the headphones, earbuds or headsets,” Apple’s recent patent application says. “In still another embodiment, the monitoring system can be provided within a housing attached to a cord utilized by the headphones, earbuds or headsets. In yet another embodiment, the monitoring system can be attached to a user's clothing. In these various embodiments, the headphones, earbuds or headsets can be wired or wireless.”

Clearly, the smart earbuds are in their experimental stage but it's exciting to read about these new developments. It will be interesting to see how much wearable technology will change in 2014. 

[via Tom's Guide]