It took five tries, but Josh Begley's US drone attack-tracking app has finally been approved by Apple to enter the official App Store. The app, called Metadata+, follows US drones and alerts users every time a strike is reported.

His previous attempts to get the app into Apple's official marketplace were thwarted for various reasons, including "not appeal[ing] to a broad enough audience" and featuring content that "many audiences would find objectionable." The final, successful version is very similar to previous iteration, the most notable difference being that Begley dropped the word "drone" from the title." 

"At the end of the day, of course, the app is not about Apple or Android or the process for approving apps," said Begley, whose other projects include a Twitter account that tweets every US-led drone strike and a map that traces American military bases around the world.

"It’s about tracking and mapping covert war. Like @dronestream, I want it to be a living archive of hauntings—those which ghost the landscapes we create, and those which ghost the landscapes some of us will never have to see."

[via Mashable]