Well, this seems unfair. New research has suggested that American wireless customers pay an inordinate amount for slower data speeds.

 The data, compiled by market research firm Ookla, reveals that the average LTE speed offered by US mobile carriers is around 13.2 Mbps, which is two to three times slower than the speeds customers in countries such as Australia, Canada, and the UK receive.

And despite the comparatively low speeds, Americans can expect to pay more than those in other countries. For instance, while Verizon charged users some $4.05 per Mbps of LTE download speed last year, German customers of T-mobile pay only a fraction of that at $1.19 per Mbps.

Of course, there are associated infrastructure costs that lead services in some countries to cost more than others, but that doesn’t make the speed and price differential any easier to swallow when your bill comes in the mail.

[via The Verge]