When video games make the evening news it's usually to connect the latest school-shooting psycho to the newest violent first-person shooter, as was the case in the 2012 Sandy Hook incident.

This event pushed Joe Biden to begin a crusade to regulate video games, with the NRA reminding everyone it's not guns that cause these travesties; it's the entertainment we consume. Yet, in the case of murderer Adam Lanza, it was revealed that of all games he played, it was actually DDR he played the most... not exactly a how-to murder simulator.

Numerous experts have expressed that video games are a healthy pastime for normal people, but Lanza was anything but-he was mentally unstable, and that's what made him the murderer we know him as today. The same can be said for every other school shooter. The million other gamers who play violent titles are not to be associated with those people.