For city dwellers, there are few shows as cathartic as Portlandia. Though the series takes place in the titular hipster mecca, the sketches skewer a class of people you'll find in any city that boasts a "cool" bohemian population. From Brooklyn to Austin, from Nashville to San Francisco, all over this great nation you can find folks who love slow food, photography, mason jars, and “putting a bird on it.” Portlandia takes aim at those who drift from brunch to brunch and boutique to boutique searching for meaning, the sort of people who pride themselves on the articles they’ve read, the concerts they’ve seen, and how much compost they produce.

Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein clearly have a love-hate relationship with hipsterdom, like most city dwellers. Yes, eggs benedict, McSweeney’s, and nice cocktails are cool, but damn, sometimes it seems that every person who likes those things (besides you, of course) is insufferable.

For the last three years Portlandia has reminded us that we aren’t the crazy ones, that yes, top hats and suspenders should not be valid 21st century fashion choices. The show has given us the dose of hipster mockery we need in order to continue sharing cities with the terminally cool without strangling them by their wool scarves. To show our appreciation for this public service, we have put together our 25 Favorite Hipsterisms That "Portlandia" Has Called Out So Far. 

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