It's been years since Jack Bauer has graced our television screens in the hit series 24—four years, to be specific—but, judging by this new teaser for Fox's upcoming 24 special, Live Another Day, it doesn't seem like much has changed for him since. Which is cool, in some ways! It's nice to know that some things will stay fairly the same, no matter how much time passes...Jack Bauer's life is just one of those things.

Sure, there are a few differences: Jack Bauer seems to be in London (yeah, the gigantic flag on the cab gives that away off the bat), and Chloe seems to have grown really comfortable with using more eyeliner than Taylor Momsen ever has in her life. A lot of very bad things seem to be going on around them—explosions! People screaming! Death and destruction!—and Jack is hellbent on keeping Chloe safe. In addition, the official caption for the teaser on YouTube reads: "Heroic agent Jack Bauer attempts to thwart an unthinkable terrorist attack in London that could change the world forever."

And, that's about all we see in this teaser. With the May 5 premiere date slowly approaching, hopefully we'll probably be getting a full trailer relatively soon. Until then, though, you can check out the teaser above.

[via Vulture]