There's this common misconception that Pokémon designs used to be really good.

And it's only with later games did they start turning to crap like inanimate objects and piles of trash. So let's be clear right off the bat: that's bullshit.

Just look at all the first-gen Pokémon, from the Red and Blue games that launched in 1996, that are here on this list for proof of that. Pokémon designs have always been sort of janky, and that's a fact.

Of course this is all just nitpicking. The majority of Pokémon, even the new ones, are incredibly imaginative. That's even more true when you consider that there are over 700 of them at this point, and these 15 are the only ones to complain about.

OK, so they're not the only ones. They're definitely the worst, though.

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