Karaoke is an art. You don't actually have to know how to sing to be good at karaoke. The best karaoke stars are those who know the lyrics to a song so well that it doesn't matter if they can carry a single note. All that matters is that they make you feeeeeeel it—they make you want to sing along, or sit in silence with a grin on your face as they embarrass themselves like assholes. It's performance art in the name of good fun, good music and alcohol. Furthermore, looking like an idiot in front of friends or strangers as you fumble through Sir Mix-a-Lot is the best way to remind yourself how finite life is. Indeed, karaoke is the crucible of life. Those who do not enjoy karaoke probably don't enjoy life. (There's a study about this, somewhere. If there's not, there should be.) Anyway, grab a microphone, crank up the Frank Sinatra and try these choice karaoke spots in New York City. Bonus points for sharing your favorite karaoke songs in the comments section.

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