Boozy alternative: "In the Liquor Cabinet with the Shot Glass..."
Ideal booze: 
As listed
Best played with: 
People who can mix their booze without puking 

Players who guess too often can take the fun out of Clue. These go-getters pop in and out of the same room, venturing guess after guess, even though they know damn well that the crime was committed on the other side of Mr. Body's mansion. If you had to pay a price admission, players would be a bit more selective in their accusations. In this version of Clue, you have to drink upon entering certain rooms.  Some rooms force you to drink beer, others require shots, and others demand you consume wine. Be careful where and how often you make your suggestions, or you'll end up doing your best Mr. Body impression by the end of the night.


  • Wine when your piece enters the Kitchen or the Dining Room
  • Liquor when your piece enters the Billiard Room or the Library
  • Beer when your piece enters the Lounge or the Hall

If you have a Clue board with updated or specialized rooms, you can figure out which rooms correspond here or just pick whatever rooms you want.