Drinking is great. Finding ridiculous excuses to drink is only slightly less great. This is why drinking games are a national pastime. Every television show has an accompanying drinking game somewhere on the Internet. We've all spent far too much time playing beer pong. Why shouldn't we should try to spice up those board games that are collecting dust in our closets and under our coffee tables by infusing the game play with booze?

You probably don’t trot out Monopoly or Risk often these days, unless you are painfully bored or a youngish family member you have trouble relating to comes over. You haul your collection of games from apartment to apartment more out of a nostalgia than any ambitions to make the time to play them. These are taking up valuable storage space. You’re planning on getting drunk anyway. Why not kill two birds with one stone? It is this logic that motivated us to create these 10 Board Games Converted into Drinking Games.

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