DayZ is one of those games that distills players to the their purest and most revealing components. 

Success in the zombie survival MMO is predicated on luck, teamwork, and avoiding other players who would just as soon shoot you from a distance and rob you of your resources then tell which way is north.

Developers of DayZ, Bohemia Interactive, recently deposited over $30 million in their corporate accounts after the game's first month on Steam. Oh, that was also for early access to the title, an alpha build of the game replete with bugs and glitches galore. It seems the zombie genre is still somewhat alive and somehow still kicking about.  

Jay Z, conversely, doesn't seem to be a fan of survival horror. Jay attempted to force Bohemia Interactive to change the game's name from DayZ to ZDay. 

DayZ developer Dean Hall headed a Reddit AMA to talk about about the game's success and the fact that one of the most successful rappers to ever walk the face of the planet asked him to take into consideration his brand over the undead survival simulator.

Jay's lawyers contacted Bohemia Interactive about a name change.

“We declined. But it did make me laugh." Hall revealed in his AMA.

Possible name changes suggested by Jay Z's lawyers:

  • 'Zombies in Paris'
  • 'H.A.M (is what people taste like)'
  • 'Bonnie & Clyde (are fucking delicious)'
  • F*ckwithmeyouknowI'mstillgoingtoeatyoualive

DayZ is still very firmly in the alpha stage and is available via early access on Steam.

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