Wedgies, tripping down a couple stairs, and drunk dialing—all uncomfortable experiences. But none is quite as awkward as that moment in a friends-with-benefits relationship when your partner catches feelings you don't share, and you've got to let them down. It sounds painful—because it is—and it's explored in first-time director Tim Gormican's upcoming film, That Awkward Moment, out Friday. Starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan, the rom-com follows a trio of BFFs who vow to live the single life.

Complex got a chance to sit down with the three leading men, only to test them on how well they can handle an unpleasant situation themselves: being confronted with their own awkward photos. Catch their reactions above.

[Images shown via The HF Magazine (Miles Teller); Photographer Ashley Nguyen (Michael B. Jordan); Andreii.Jimdo.Com (Zac Efron)]

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