Fashion and video games aren't two cultural institutions that regularly collude with one another.

The video game industry's idea of fashion doesn't normally extend much further than an ill-fitting, special edition, pre-order hoodie. And while an officially licensed Assassin's Creed III bathrobe may seem like a perfect substitute for a napkin, those marinara stains are there for good.

No, video game merchandise is almost famously unwearable, as you can see below:

               (Thumbs up on not seeing people openly mock our wardrbrobe choices!)

Why does the hoodie zip over the face? What instance would ever arise where you needed to be both deaf and blind? Video game characters are designed with art direction and marketing at the forefront of their development. 

Video game characters need to look cool. A cool looking protagonist on the cover of your AAA box is going to move units. You know who else needs to look cool? Hypebeasts. From camping out for limited edition collab FlyKnits to the profiteering resellers of marked up gear, hypebeasts are compelled to ride the dicks of their favorite streetwear brands straight into the ground. 

But what if video game characters began to emulate those very same characteristics that make the nefarious hypebeast dwell in their odious culture of comparison? It would be pretty sad.

How sad? Read on for Your Favorite Video Game Characters Re-Imagined as Sad, Sad Hypebeasts

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