For gamers eager to toss their telemarketer looking headset for the Xbox One, Turtle Beach has announced a special edition gaming headset to commemorate the release of Titanfall this coming March.

In addition to supporting Xbox One, the headset will also work with Xbox 360 and PC making it the first to do so. While a hard date for release hasn't been decided, Turtle Beach promises a drop at the same time as the Titanfall video game. So as long as there aren't any hiccups with the game release, the headset should be right on time. Pricing for the headset will be set at $150.

What about PS4? Turtle Beach is working on it and put this pair fo cans on the CES exhibition floor to gauge interest. While it's only a prototype and not the final product, this is the design direction the company is going for. There's no release date or pricing for the PS4 headset yet.