The harder you try to get out of some situations, the worse you make it for yourself. A New Mexico woman was arrested and charged with obstruction for trying to draw the cops that pulled her friend over away with a bogus 911 call. 

On Sunday morning, authorities in Roswell pulled over a car in which Savana Jimenez, 22, was a passenger in for a busted tail light. Police say that while they were checking the driver's information, Jimenez placed a call to 911 about a gunman at a convenience store in the area. 

Because guilty people tend to wear their guilt, the officer picked up on Jimenez and her friend's strange behavior:

The officer noticed that these three females in the vehicle were fidgety, acting kind of nervous and he saw one of them with a cellphone on her lap," Roswell police spokeswoman Sabrina Morales told KRQE.

According to Morales, Jimenez made the call because she thought she had outstanding warrants. In a humorous twist, she actually didn't, and ended up getting herself in trouble for no reason. 

That's karma. 

[via Gawker and Associated Press]