CD Projekt Red has released a teaser trailer for the previously announced Witcher Adventure Game, a board game set in Geralt's realm scheduled for release next year. While a lot of the tabletop game's details are under wraps, it is known players will be able to play as the monster slayer Geralt, his magic-wielding love interesting Triss Merigold, his smart-bard sidekick Dandelion and the dwarven warrior Yarpin Zigrin, all of whom have their own special abilities.

Gameplay itself sounds a bit like a D&D setup, where each player's abilities are managed through special development cards, while quests and activities have a strong focus on storytelling, exploration and fantasy-style adventuring, which could involve slaying beasts as easily as it might dealing with politics within The Witcher's world.  (There are also apparently mysteries to solve.)

No solid release date yet apart from "coming soon," but check the trailer for more details.

Via Joystiq