A woman scorned will go to great lengths to exact revenge. However, taking a shit in a guy's chair because he bailed on you in favor of another girl—and using his blanket as makeshift toilet paper—is another plateau of disrespect.

Total Frat Move received an email about the incident, which reportedly went down at the University of Alabama: 

A Beta took a chick home last night then ditched her to apparently hook up with another girl. The original girl wasn’t too happy so she took a shit on his chair then wiped with his comforter. I realize this isn’t your typical news story but it’s fucking hilarious. I also have to ask you if that’s what girl poop looks like? What the fuck is this girl eating? No idea what sorority she’s in but if I find out, I’ll let you know.

Total Frat Move adds that this may not be the girl's first instance of reckless public defecation, either. Perhaps she's an avid It's Always Sunny viewer. To some extent, it looks like this guy may have made the right decision by choosing another girl (who's hopefully more stable and less likely to relieve herself out of spite) and dodged a bullet, even though he couldn't dodge the human shit left in his chair.

You can't win 'em all.

[via Uproxx and Total Frat Move]

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