For those turned off by the “dating” app Tinder and its superficial, explicit nature, there might be a more reliable alternative: Twine Canvas.

Where Tinder is based off a person’s appearance and their sex appeal, Twine Canvas specifically focuses on a person’s personality. The app asks the user to create “personality canvases,” or digital collages, which describe the person’s interests and hobbies. A user can browse through the canvases of others before creating theirs, and if they sign in through Facebook, the age, gender and location filters can all be adjusted. Once a user has established their own canvas, they’ll be able to “like” other canvases by swiping down, a minor change from Tinder’s left-right swiping tool. If the users on both ends like each others' canvases, then the profile photos of each user will be revealed.

While having a partner that looks stunning is critical for some, it doesn’t necessarily equate to relationship success. Beautiful couples divorce everyday because on many occasions, physical attraction just doesn’t outweigh the disparity in personality. And it works both ways, too: maybe matching personalities are cool, but the need for physical attraction is too vital.

Either way, this is an interesting app for those well-immersed in the dating app scene. Download it here for iOS.

[via TechCrunch]