The folks at CBS Films have shown us the future of print advertising—and it's 140 characters or less. New York Times film critic A.O. Scott has been steadily praising Inside Llewyn Davis on his Twitter account, and CBS Films, the movie's distributor, used one of Scott's tweets to take out a full page ad in his own paper. As you can see above, the ad is extremely minimalist with a border around Scott's centered tweet and text reading "The best picture of the year" at the bottom.

As for why CBS chose Scott's comment about the soundtrack instead of one of his tweets that focus solely on the film, an NYT piece reveals the film's promo team "have gone to extraordinary lengths in using the folk music at the movie’s center to attract audiences, woo Oscar voters and sell its soundtrack album." So take note, film critics across the country: pay as much attention to phrasing on your Twitter account as you do in your reviews.

Here's A.O. Scott's full tweet, and his reaction to the ad:

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[via Gothamist]