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Late last year Square Enix revealed that Lara Croft would once again be remade for her next-gen debut with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which drops at the end of January. The Definitive Edition is a reworking of last year's gut-punch prequel where Lara Croft is not just a gun-slinging vixen but a bad ass survivor. So just how next-gen will the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 port be? Check out this side-by-side comparison.

Lara, how you've changed. Between the graphics-hungry task of subsurface light scattering – which makes skin “glow” - and that next-gen dynamic ponytail I feel like I just don't know you anymore. It's like going on a second date with a new pair of coke bottle glasses, I can see forever!

Check out the tech-heavy video to get a behind the scenes look at the graphical upgrades to the game – which are impressive – that detail the difference in rendering depth and dimension. Most notable? Look at all those damn particles! Changes have also been made in creating high-definition textures, meaning Lara's skin now has crazy-realistic details, like bumps and blemishes; no offense Lara.

Now hold on PC gamers, before you start yelling. If you played the original game on a beefed up gaming rig then you may not be that impressed. While rendering depth wasn't really an issue on PC and character detail was already very high, for the Definitive Edition developer Crystal Dynamics completely remade the models and textures. Just look at all that glorious hair.

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