"Report" means rumor in the news game so take this one with a grain of salt. It looks like a retailer in Europe just might have outed the Titanfall beta for February 14, Valentines day. Check out the image above snatched by French gamers and posted to Xboxygen.

Which leaves two big questions for the developer Respawn Entertainment. The First being why are video game continuing to intentionally ruin our love lives. And second, aren't we going to have enough emotional trauma dealing with the two girls in a mall post-apocalypse cry-fest The Last of Us: Left Behind story DLC that drops the same day?

While we're waiting for confirmation if this beta date for Titanfall is true or not, gamers are pumped coming off a weekend of Titanfall alpha gameplay complete with robots, wall running, cloaking field assassinations, oh my.

Stay tuned for more details and possible confirmation of the Titanfall beta. Beta or not, Titanfall drops on a sunny day, March 11.

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