As developer Respawn's mech battling mutiplayer game Titanfall gets closer to launch gamers pouring over footage from the closed Xbox One alpha last weekend have been fretting over every details of the game. One of the points of contention is the lower-than-expected resolution of the textures in the alpha.

Respawn has reassured gamers that the reduced textures during the alpha were meant to make the game faster to download and is not “indicative of the final product.” Community manager Abbie Heppe wrote that the build's textures were only 25-percent the size of those in the official game.

"We try to keep it a manageable download and we're really only looking to test some technical stuff on the servers so we make a better game for you guys," Heppe explained. Last night this was reiterated on Twitter as a new rash of questions arose of whether or not Respawn was just trying to save face from weary gamers.

@gavinuk86 No, we were very clear the Alpha textures were reduced to have a smaller Alpha download.

— Respawn (@Respawn) January 30, 2014

@Jarrod38 It doesn't benefit us to lie about that.

— Respawn (@Respawn) January 30, 2014

Gamers have every right to be skeptical as next-gen consoles have become a confusing frame rate mess and a lingering mistrust - valid or not of Electronic Arts – following the buggy launch of Battlefield 4. Electronic Arts address this specifically earlier this week.

Titanfall drops on March 11 exclusively for Xbox One, 360 and Windows PC. With a rumored beta to launch on Valentine's Day, February 14.

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